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Khao Yai 3 day 2 night

Khao Yai

     Khao Yai, a popular tourist destination not far from Bangkok, just 2 hours can travel all year round. Is a destination for Thai and foreign tourists who like and love nature,vineyards, wineries steaks, hotels, European-style hotels, sunflower fields sheep farms, chocolate farms, restaurants large water parks with activities that can travel without Bored for 3-4 days trip. Or One day around trip Experience the temperature 15-22 degrees From November to March
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3 Day Tour

Frist Day
  • 8:00am depart from Bangkok
  • Visit PB Valley Khao Yai Winery and join in on a wine tasting tour (we suggest to book in advance at your own expense)
  •  visit Primo Piazza
  •  visit Palio Khao Yai
  •  visit Pete Maze
  • visit The Chocolate Factory
  •  dinner at Midwinter Green
  • 9.00 pm hotel drop off in Khao Yai
  • ** Or you can design by yourself
Day 2
  • 8:30am hotel pick up
  •  visit MY OZONE by D'Varee Wellness Khao Yai
  •  visit Hobbit House (Baan Suan Noi)
  •  lunch at Ban Mai Chay Nam restaurant
  •  visit A Cup of Love
  •  visit Flora Park at Wang Nam Khiao
  • dinner at Krua Nan Narm
  • 9:00pm hotel drop off in Khao Yai
  • ** Or you can design by yourself
Day 3
  1. 8:30am hotel pick up
  2. visit Thanaratch and feed elephant
  3.  visit the Birder's Lodge Café
  4. lunch in VinCotto restaurant
  5.  visit Farm Chokchai and join in a farm tour (we suggest to book in advance at your own expense)
  6.  visit Secret Art Garden
  7. 6:00pm depart from Khao Yai to Bangkok
  8. 9:00pm hotel drop off in Bangkok

Insider Tips:
We suggest that you visit Rai Maneesorn Sunflower Farm from November to March
If you want to visit PB Valley Khao Yai Winery, we suggest that you book the Wine Tasting Tour in advance

Additional Information:
Please note: You will need to book and pay for your own accommodation in Khao Yai separately
The car charter service is strictly valid for 12 hours a day only, before midnight. 
Due to safety reasons, drivers cannot work for more than 12 hours a day
Please note that the 12 hour service time will be counted from the pick up time you indicate at checkout page
The driver speaks basic English only. Please book for a tour guide if
you require someone who understands and speaks a higher standard of English.
Please note that the guide will be counted as 1 passenger and will occupy a seat in your vehicle
Please check the attractions' opening date and time in your itinerary again before visiting
When booking, please choose a vehicle that can accommodate your group size.
The operator reserves the right to request guests to book an additional vehicle
 in cases where the size of the traveling the party 
does not fit their chosen vehicle on the day of pick up
 Overtime fee exceeding 12 hrs. suecharge THB 200/hrs

  • An additional night service surcharge of THB300/hr will apply if the tour ends after midnight,
  • to be paid in cash directly to the driver
  • For pick up locations outside of Bangkok city limits, an additional surcharge will be incurred. The operator will reconfirm the
  • amount in advance, please pay directly in cash to the driver
  • If you want to visit Jim Thomson Farm or Saraburi Sunflower Farm, the following surcharges will apply, to be paid in cash directly to the driver
  • Saraburi Sunflower Farm: THB 800 per vehicle per way
  • Jim Thompson Farm: THB 900 per vehicle per way
  • The Verona at Tub Lan: THB 1,000 per vehicle per way
  • The My Ozone THB  700  per vehicle per way
  •  Hobbit House (Baan Suan Noi) THB 500  per vehicle per way
  • Khao Yai National Parkr Not including park entrance ticket
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